Cons consolidating police agencies

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As soon as you suspect that you've been a victim of identity theft, taking these steps immediately will help you clear your name and your credit.Also, consider grabbing a free credit report from my Bankrate.But if purchases or withdrawals are made, consumers have a small window of two business days after you realize the loss has occurred to report the unauthorized charges or transfers and get a liability limit.After that, there is a 0 liability limit for up to 60 days after the statement reflecting the fraud is mailed.The idea of consolidating 17,000 police forces into roughly 1,000 regional departments is quickly rejected as radical, unsettling, and not feasible for many reasons.First, the idea of losing local control over the police function does not set well with most Americans who live outside of our large cities.West Michigan's local governments spend 0 million a year.Trimming 5 percent of their costs by consolidating would save million, he argues.

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"It's got to happen; it makes too much sense," he said.The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) seems to be a good example of a type of consolidation - we just don't call MABAS a consolidation.In parts of the state of Wisconsin MABAS has been around for years and is working extremely well.In my opinion, most Americans living in rural areas like the idea of knowing some of the individual officers and the chief of police.They believe, rightly or wrongly, that by knowing these individuals they might be able to influence them to their advantage in minor cases.

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