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There is no other spa in England which has so generous a proportion of the vitalising radon evolved from radium as Bath.

The waters of the springs are not alone in giving forth exhalations of the life-restoring essence; with this radioactive essence Bath is permeated.

Women took to walking after the passing of crinolines.We encourage you to use the Guide to develop your payee system and procedures to meet the needs of your beneficiaries and maximize your organization’s resources.You and your staff, especially those who work with beneficiaries, manage their funds, and report changes to SSA should read and have access to the Guide.The book effortlessly conjures London between the wars, with its Lyons Tea Houses, cart traffic, policemen directing traffic, and the Imperial War Museum still only dedicated to the one war.It's more of a joy to read if you know enough about London to know what's changed.

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