Do keep dating cheaters

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Tonya Somers can truly help you to break these patterns.

So many women think they want the depending on which radio station you listen to) but then can’t figure out why, six months later, they’re finding strange phone numbers in his pocket and even stranger panties under his back seat. Date a guy you normally wouldn’t, just for comparison’s sake. Right, but he may open your eyes enough to help you avoid the next Mr. STUCK IN HIGH SCHOOL: Another possible culprit is the repeated cycle and again, both my female and my male friends do this. You met, you fell in love, things were hot and heavy, then problems started and soon it was over. As we got older, our values changed and we realized that we have to have more than just a physical attraction and raging hormones to have a real relationship; well of us did. Those unfortunate others got stuck in the 80’ and still think that love is a battle field. They believe that, if they aren’t either tearing off each others’ clothes or trying to scratch each others’ eyes out, the relationship must be in trouble, so they jump from person to person and live the same Junior year love affair over and over, promising their undying love at homecoming, but breaking up before prom. Realize that love is not some hole you fall into and out of; real love is a verb. Love is something you have to actually do, all day, every day. Sure, they may be a little taller, a little shorter, a little older, or a little younger, but if they all have a similar mind set, a similar attitude, and a similar set of values (or lack thereof), then they’re still pretty much the same guy. And make it a point, at least once a month, to do something you’ve both never done. I may be reaching but, you cook for yourself, clean for yourself, keep your house organized the way you want it, work long hours so that you can provide for yourself, and never have to ask for anything. Six months is just long enough for a man to catch the vibe that you’re just as comfortable without him or that you can take him or leave him. More from Good Enough Guy Ask The Good Enough Guy: I’m Not Attracted To My Balding Boyfriend Ask The Good Enough Guy: When Should He Meet My Kids Ask The Good Enough Guy: Why Don’t Men Go To The Doctors Ask The Good Enough Guy: My Husband Can’t Handle Our Gay Son William Jones is originally from the tiny town of Alton, Illinois, and now lives in the tinier town of Reisterstown, Maryland.And if you keep picking the same kind of guy, and they keep doing the same bad things to you, then the problem isn’t the guys, is it? And by eight months, he may have already found another stuck pickle jar to open. Try these things, and if they don’t work, they’ll at least help you zero in on the real problem. He is a happy husband and a proud father of three, and writes as a hobby, in those few moments he finds between husband-ing and daddy-ing.

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