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He also came out as gay in an article in Rolling Stone in March, something not typically viewed as compatible with the faith."I'm a dude that's fighting between both identities," he told Buzz Feed. One stake president told him, "This is a good thing you're doing." Old mission companions also messaged him, including some who have also come out as gay since their missions. The article was posted on his mission's Facebook wall, and "there was a lot of negative comments," he said. Some strangers sent him messages saying he couldn't be both Mormon and gay."I think there are a lot of gay people in all religions that feel that they don't have a voice," he said."The most negativity I got was atheists being mad I still had faith in my church." Glenn grew up in Temecula, Calif., a suburban town about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, and was raised Mormon.He phoned AT&T roadside assistance six times for help and was on a call with one of its employees when the police officer, who was in plain clothes and driving an unmarked van, came towards him. Raja can be heard in the background of Jones's call to the roadside assistant asking him: 'Are you good? Some make big splashes, and others sink almost immediately. Venezuelan producer Arca (real name Alejandro Ghersi) delivered one of the most complex, idiosyncratic electronic releases of 2015 in Mutant, a record that was at turns hypnotic and hammering, and one that finally promised to shed “Björk collaborator” as an obligatory appellation to his bio.For most music consumers, it’s almost too much information, and save for those precious few who spend their hours glued to review sites and release calendars, it’s hard to know what’s coming out when. Or maybe not: On his third album, the self-titled Arca, Ghersi credits the Icelandic singer with giving him the courage to put his own voice into the mix, which he does with a haunting emotiveness that spiritually mirrors her own.After graduating high school in 2002, he knew he didn't want to go to college and was unsure about serving a mission.That summer, however, he read the Book of Mormon and "had a spiritual experience," and he knew he should serve, he said.

A newly unearthed call placed by the black musician to roadside help moments before he was shot reveals his exchange with Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja in full. Browning , Danette Chavez , Leonardo Adrian Garcia , Matt Gerardi , Gwen Ihnat , Alex Mc Levy , Josh Modell , Sean O' Neal , Caitlin Penzey Moog , Clayton Purdom , Katie Rife , Kelsey J.Waite , Nick Wanserski , and Esther Zuckerman Every Friday, dozens of new records are released into the wild. Each month, we’ll publish a fairly comprehensive list of what’s coming to record stores and streaming services in upcoming weeks, complete with capsule previews so interested parties can know what to expect.Singing in a tenderly operatic Spanish on teaser singles “Piel” and “Anoche,” Ghersi finds a similar elegiac beauty over deeply reverbed synth tones and twisted snatches of strings and guitar.It’s a completely unexpected evolution, one that promises to push him into his own rightful spotlight.

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