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Yet, formulaic as it may be, but the endearing characters, the hilarious conversations, the prose and the wonderful and satisfying ending totally makes up for it. This is a series that just gets better and better every time you reread it.

I liked how Colin and Lindsey’s relationship developed and his and Hassan’s friendship was a pleasure to read about. Rating: 4 stars This is my first Sherlock Holmes novel and yes, I am ashamed for not having read it earlier.

The awesome Twangoo Deal I got gave me P600 bucks worth of food for only P300, so not only was I planning to pig out, but I was planning to pig out as a happy man that just saved P300 bucks (or so I thought).

There is the nerdy protagonist (Colin), the funny sidekick (Hassan), the mysterious and charming girl (Lindsey), an identity crisis and a journey. They are dear to me and I am going to miss them bitterly.

He misses the New York Yankees and movie theaters, and only his Baladi friend Zee and carpet salesman Mr. But that all changes when Balabad’s most valuable artifact, the Sacred Carpet of Agamon, is stolen from a local mosque—and it seems that Zee and Mr. Zee and Oliver’s sleuthing is interwoven with the history of the carpet, an adventure in its own right that details the story of Bahauddin Shah, trusted advisor to the last king of Balabad.

Date : 1993 Determined to help Megan get on with life after a recent motorcycle accident has left her confined to a wheelchair, her family rents the lake cottage where they’ve always vacationed.

Equally determined to resist the attractions of the cottage she once had loved, Megan goes reluctantly to the lake, knowing that nothing this summer can ever be the same as it used to be.

In a decisively non–Indiana Jones touch, the adventurers’ success is more due to the work of the Baladis than to any efforts of the visiting New Yorker.

A cluster of likable stock characters and whip-wielding warriors keeps the endearing plot moving.

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