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There is a recent news about Islamic scholar Zakir Naik, who said Muslims can have sex with female slaves (Kaniz in Persian).

Based on my current knowledge, I do not think there is a verse in the Quran that allows Muslims to even have slaves, let alone to have sex with them.

Now risking the death penalty, Iranian prostitutes began to work more discretely on the street.

Over time, they developed new ways to solicit clients.

Those verses clearly states that Allah permits Muslim to have sex with their slaves, especially in terms of "guarding their private parts".

Having sex with slaves in the above verses are literals, not metaphors.

Under the Shah’s rule, prostitutes – who were already breaking the law then – worked mainly in the capital’s red-light district, known as Shahr-e-no or New Town.

For your information this country was formerly known as Persia.

In recent years, business has been booming, largely thanks to Facebook.

Prostitution is most prevalent in large Iranian cities, particularly the capital Tehran.

It's different now."I asked one older gent to reflect on life before and after the revolution, and he spoke of a role he sees for people like him in the Islamic Republic."There were four kinds of people during the revolution," he told me.

"Those who supported the Islamic Republic, those who were rich enough to get away, those who opposed and mostly ended up dead or in jail, and those - like me - who maybe did not fully support it but decided to do their best to help their country.

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