Kirsten storms and brandon barash dating

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She’ll show up to surprise Olivia and they’ll spend some time catching up. Drake will be asked to consult on a case, delaying his Valentine’s Day date with Sam.Later Peterman’s character, Melissa Santoro-Picard, runs into another familiar face. Theler’s character is also stood up by a date and runs into Sam.The Disney Channel alum took to Instagram and Twitter on Sunday to confirm to her fans that she would be spending some time away from the show.“First, thank you for the outpouring of love & support,” she began. Second, yes I am taking a little break from work due to some skin issues I’ve been having.” Storms went on to note that her doctors believe her skin condition and breakouts are “due to stress,” but that they “shouldn’t take too long to get under control.” was unable to cover up her blemishes.We calculated that we conceived the baby in ["General Hospital" co-star] Tony Geary's guest room!star Kirsten Storms is taking a break from the soap opera to get her life back on track.

"It's been the most amazing couple of months of our lives." The actor also revealed that he and Storms, 29, got married in June in a secret ceremony.Georgie arrives in Port Charles with her daddy, Damien Spinelli, as Bradford Anderson returns to the soap.Though fans recently saw Maxie travel to visit her little girl, word has it that this time the mother and daughter will be able to spend much more time together, as it is said that Spinelli will be sticking around Port Charles for a bit."We have every intention of remaining a family through this and successfully co-parenting our kid and retaining a friendship in the efforts of raising her in a healthy environment," he added.Barash and Storms play Johnny Zacchara and Maxie Jones on and started dating in 2013.

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