Ninomiya kazunari nagasawa masami dating

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According to an entertainment reporter, Ninomiya has been meeting a girl privately for the past few months.

They even made it in the news last year when a magazine reported that at a gathering with friends from the entertainment circle, Nino was asked whether he was dating Masami.

“They are usually accompanied by his manager when they go on dates,” according to the same entertainment reporter.

“The girl must be in her early 20′s, she’s pretty, and the calm type.

A neighbor of Masami’s also testified that she stopped seeing Ninomiya since March.

March is when Masami made an appearance on “Waratte iitomo! "Like this rumor seriously needs to die already lol. They've been reported to be "dating" and "broken up" so many times that you can't even keep track anymore.

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