Reading and dating roman imperial coins by zander h klawans

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For a person developing an interest in ancient coins this is a well laid out and readable book.It appears that about 75% of the ancient roman leaders were killed by their wives, brothers or body guards. One of Rifkin's better researched and more interesting tomes. Used, ex-library with pencil marks and some soiling. Do not engineer a space program or suspension bridge or write my memoirs with the information provided herein.) Verify everything yourself. WORLD COINS Source for Numismatic Books EXONUMIA AND TOKENS EPHEMERA and SCRIPOPHILY PAPER CURRENCY ELEMENTS AND COMPOUNDS ENERGY ENVIRONMENT FINANCE GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS, ASSET FORFEITURE AND SEIZURE FRUGALITY, HOME ECONOMICS, PREPARATION AND SUFFICIENCY INTERNET and TECHNOLOGY MINING, METALS and MINERALS MINING ENGINEERING A Catalog and Reference to Insulators and Other Related Materials. " There is primary literature written by scholars making an original contribution to knowledge, and there is a great deal of secondary literature (a lot on the web) that is written by people who have read the primary literature and are summarizing it for a wider audience.To progress from novice to intermediate collector you will want to read a lot of secondary literature.

u=11762) Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins H.

This book is an excellent introduction to the many Greek and Roman coins that have survived to modern times and gives you information to help you identify the ancient coins that you own.

If you're new to this hobby, I recommend that you buy this book before you start buying ancient coins.

Some light exterior soiling but pages still fairly nice and clean.

Some light exterior soiling but pages still fairly nice and clean; pencil inscription on inside cover.

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