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There is absolutely NO reason for you to be in a relationship or in anything serious if that’s not what you want right now. I think it’s shitty that so much of what we’re meant to be proud for or happy about or live for is romantic relationships. If you’re satisfied with focusing on school and friends…if that’s what’s keeping you happy right now, stick to it.At the end of the day, your happiness is what’s important.

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Your discussions stay in the realm of the weather and laundry. You can tell him that sex with him is "SO beautiful" that you can’t help crying. Here are five time-proven methods for scaring a guy off FAST: 1. Explain how, ever since you were a little girl, you’ve dreamt of having at least seven kids, hopefully more. Make sure he sees you reaching for them before and after sex. If these outbursts don’t scare him, they are certain to terrify his dog Bob, at least. Yet, you're not a mean person and the thought of a confrontation with this guy increasingly makes you ill. There are a number of ways you can ever-so-gently push him out the door without having to actually say the words. Tell him that since it’s been two whole months since you’ve been together, it’s time to talk about starting a family ... Make sure this conversation happens often and in-depth. You would also like to speak with members of his family: parents, siblings, everyone. Pack your medicine cabinet with various vaginal creams and gels. Or better yet, a few dozen tantrums in rapid succession ... Maybe tear them up in anger, just to prove your point. Burst into violent tears and throw a glass or two against the wall to demonstrate how angry a rainy day makes you. Throw the car-keys out the window and shriek about how much you hate that car.It’s also completely possible that since you’re not actively interested in being with someone else, your gut is letting you know that the person you’re seeing right now isn’t for you.Even if everything in your life is going amazingly well, I think that if someone really good for you came around, you’d want to be with them. You’d be actively interested in adding this person to your already spectacular life. And since other parts of your life are satisfying, you have no need to waste your time.

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